Picking The Right Workout Clothes


img4Many people like to look stylish and sexy even while working out. However choosing the right workout clothes is not just about looking good. Just like wearing the right clothing at work, the right gym clothes can help you work out more effectively and boost your morale. Here are some tips on how to choose the right workout clothing.

Sports Bra

Keep the girls happy by choosing a well fitting sports bra. It does not have to be expensive. A good sports bra will keep your breasts well supported so that they don’t bounce around while you run. You will find that your breasts and back will ache less with a sports bra that holds everything in place. Besides jiggling breasts are simply unattractive.

Sloppy Clothing

Try not to wear sloppy or baggy clothing when you workout. Keep away from baggy old sweats, stretched out pjs or gigantic t-shirts. These loose and baggy clothes can snag on an adjustable dumbbell for example or get in the way of doing proper extensions on a rowing machine. They can also catch on the treadmill which will cause you to fall. Aside from this, baggy clothes are totally unsexy.


For best results always go sleeveless when working out. Sleeveless shirts cool you down faster compared to long sleeves. Sleeveless tops do not trap clothing and bacteria while working out giving you a lesser chance to stink. If you feel cold especially when working out outside, wear a light jacket that you can shed once you start to sweat. Most gyms are also heated so you can wear sleeveless shirts during winter.

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Choose workout clothes with the workout you have in mind. For jogging, running, biking and other exercises that use a lot of leg for example, choose clothing and bottoms that are tight. These kinds of exercise usually call for shorts or Capri pants.  This ensures for easy movements and the material won’t snag on gym equipment (like they recommend on StrongPlusFit.com). For yoga, weight lifting and the like choose comfortable clothes that allow for overall body movement. Gym pants and yoga pants with a flared bottom are appropriate. Try to choose material made from spandex or elastic because they fit well and show off your figure.


A good pair of shoes can really make a difference in your workout especially if you run or do sprints. The best shoe doesn’t need to be expensive. However, it does have to provide good cushioning and support to the user. Even if you’re just doing weights, the right shoe should be able to provide good support and cushioning while stabilizing your balance. Check out shoe sales to save on the price of a good workout shoe.


How Not To Dress Boring At Work


img1Office wear need not be composed of boring dark colored suits (unless required of course). You can show your personality by the way you dress. Wearing bright colors or trendy clothes is not a sign that you are rebellious.  You are just showing your creative and happy side. If company policy allows it, here are ways you can dress up for work in not a boring way.


Colors can convey mood and even stir up inspiration. Even if your company requires you to wear a stuffy suit to work you can liven up the look by wearing a colorful scarf, necktie or by pairing it with a brightly colored handbag. For example you can wear a black suit, white shirt and then pair it up with a fuchsia tie for a bit of color.


Accessories give your outfit some pop. If you’re feeling adventurous you can accessorize your usual business outfits by wearing oversized jewelry. The boyfriend watch for example is a good idea. It is practical because it gives you the time and adventurous at the same time because many will think that it is a men’s watch. You can also wear bangles, necklaces and other jewelry to accessorize and accentuate your style.

Always Wear Heels

Flats are great and more comfortable but heels are better for office work. They also work well for casual days where the company allows employees to wear pants or jeans to work. Heels can convey professionalism which flats cannot. For best results pair your pants and heels with a feminine looking blouse. Think silk shirts, pastel colors or your husband’s/BF’s work shirt.

Business Casual

Some companies allow their employees to wear business casual to work. For gentlemen this means wearing solid colored shirts sans tie, smart pants and neat leather shoes. This makes it easy for them to entertain clients. Sales representatives from exotic car rental agencies in Vancouver for example will find it easier to talk to clients who are dressed casually if they are dressed casually too. If the client is in formal clothing, all they have to do is slip on a tie.

Focus on Bottoms

Bottoms are very versatile and can be worn in almost any work situation that’s why investing in good quality pants and skirts is important. A black skirt for example can be paired with almost any color top. The same is true for dark pants. Other neutral colors to invest in are brown, tan and white. They are easy to pair with other colored tops and the user can have fun with solid colored bottoms more easily.

What Is Business Casual?


Easy Fashion Style for Mom


img1Moms need to look fashionable. After all, many of them spend their time taking care of their children and cleaning their modern homes, they deserve to look beautiful and fashionable. It is important for mothers to look their best not because they have to but because it can help boost their self confidence and better their appearance. Here are some ways moms can look fashionable easily.

Stitch Fix

Moms usually have the yoga pants and sweat pants as their go-to errand attire, but not anymore. With Stitch Fix you have a professional stylist pick outfits for you and mails them to your door. This eliminates the problem of what to wear during errands or the chore of having to go shopping on top of your busy schedule. If you don’t like the styling, simply return at no charge and free shipping.

Thread Up

Who doesn’t like shopping for clothes online? The twist with Thread Up is that they deal with second hand clothing for adults and kids. No more dragging your kids around to go shopping and dealing with their temper tantrums. With Thread Up you can send your used clothing for store credit while picking up some second hand goodies for the family.


Pinterest is a great social networking site for moms because it helps you collect or pin ideas for home improvement, recipes and yes, fashion style. You can browse through other people’s pins and find good ideas on how to style yourself. There’s always a little something on Pinterest for people with different interest.


Socializing with friends gives you an excuse to put on grown up clothes and participate in adult conversation. Now that you’ve scoured Pinterest and the above mentioned sites you probably have a lot of fashion tips and socializing with friends gets to give you chance to try out your different styles.

Stick To the Classics

As they say the classics never go out of style. Stick to long lasting items like blue jeans, good quality sweaters, black flats or heels and a good quality solid color handbag. Classic pieces of clothing can be switched and matched with others and paired off with different kinds of accessories to give you a new look each time.


Don’t be afraid to try that new style belt or those chunky bangles. Accessories are like accents to a piece and can help highlight and show your style. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit to find out what works best for you. So don’t be afraid to try out those new hoop earrings or that red leather strapped watch.

After a day spent cleaning her big modern home in the city, moms can use fashion to de-stress and relax a bit. Finding time to browse through websites for style ideas can give mom inspiration for her new look or wardrobe.

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4 Steps to Driving an Exotic Convertible Car Year Round in Style


Riding with the top down affords the exotic car lover one of the world’s greatest driving thrills. Don’t let the weather keep you from this joy, whatever the season you can still enjoy the pleasure of renting an exotic car and taking her for a joy ride with the top down.

Step Number 1: Keep your eyes, ears and skin protected. Riding in an open vehicle exposes your body to extra wear and tear, so take some precautions beforehand to better protect yourself. There are small particles of water and dust in the wind that is rushing over your face, so protect your eyes with a pair of designer sunglasses like Ray-Bans. If you wear prescription glasses, those will work too, but only if the lenses are made with plastic not glass. If you can, go for a tight fitting wraparound style that will seal the wind out and keep your eyes completely protected.

Your ears will suffer too, from the increased noise from the turbulence created when riding in a convertible. You could slow your exotic rental car down or you could cover your ears with earmuffs, hat or scarf. Even then however, conversation in a convertible that is travelling at highway speed is virtually impossible.

With no roof, you are exposing your skin to dangerous sun rays. Wear a sunblock cream to protect it from becoming burned as well as dried out from the wind. Many moisturizers contain SPF properties, allowing you to take care of both needs with no worries.

Step Number 2: Stay cozy when the weather is cold by insulating the body. A windbreaker jacket is an essential wardrobe item for convertible riding, as well as earmuffs and a pair of warm gloves. Also don’t be afraid to turn on the heater, adjusting the vents to warm your lower extremities first. Heat rises, and it will make its way to the upper body without causing you any discomfort.

Heated seats and steering wheels also help at reducing your exposure to the cold, while still allowing you the freedom of riding around in an exotic convertible. Ask the exotic rental car agent like they feature on www.rentexotics.ca if these features are available before you take it out for a spin.


Step Number 3: Stay comfortable when it is hot outside by drinking plenty of water as you drive. Your wardrobe for a summer drive should be light and airy, yet covering exposed skin to protect it from the sun. A hat that ties around the chin is a good choice for face protection, so long as it is made using a breathable material.

Step Number 4: Know when to close the top. If you get too cold or hot, or if rain or snow starts to fall, it’s time to close the roof of the exotic car. Not only do you not want to be exposed to the elements, the exotic car rental company won’t be pleased with puddles of water on the back seat.

An exotic car rental is a wonderful splurge if you want to feel the power of a top of the line car that looks as good as it sounds. Step it up a notch with a convertible, and you’ll be comfortably cruising in great style with the right wardrobe to match.


Men’s Must Haves to Make it Through the Winter in Style


If the leaves are any indication, Winter is just around the corner, meaning it’s time for guys to start changing up their threads. With the weather too cold for T-shirts and boat shoes, many men are left scratching their beard for what to wear. To make sure you are always comfortably warm, yet as cool as always, have these items lined up in your closet this winter:

The Right Overcoat – An overcoat is not just for older men. These are sharp and sophisticated looking coats that cover almost your entire body, keeping out the chill in style. Classic black is always in style, but you can kick your look up a notch with a handsome brown overcoat that fits perfectly. This is a must have for days and nights when your going outs require that you dress it up a little.


A Weather Resistant Jacket – This is for when you are going to the mall with your girl (ugh), or out for drinks with the guys (yay). A weather resistant jacket is casual, and waterproof to provide you better protection from all of the elements. These come in all shapes, colors and sizes, allowing for your Winter outerwear to reflect your personal style.

Winter Driving Gloves – Your Winter wear ensemble is not complete without cool leather gloves to warm your hands. Leather is by far the most sophisticated material, but also invest in some cheaper nylon and knit gloves for when you want to build a snowman or something.

A Collection of Sweaters – So long as you stay far from pictures of reindeer or crazy geometric designs, there is nothing sexier than a guy who isn’t afraid to don a sweater when the temperature drops. Stay from away from wool and other itchy knits, and your girl will be thrilled to cozy up to you all winter long.

Winter Boots – Chic, understated black boots are the way to go in the Winter if you want to keep your feet warm and dry without looking like a chump. If you do participate in Winter outdoor sports like skiing, those boots should be completely set aside from what you wear when on your way to work.

Bonus Winter Facial Hair Tips – For guys who love the look of a mustache and beard in the Winter make sure to keep it looking great once the weather gets cold. This means using a moisturizing beard shampoo daily to help keep it healthy, using a beard comb afterwards to spread your beard balm evenly onto all of the strands. This will go a long way towards making sure that the cold weather doesn’t start to make your beard look scraggly.

Men care about their style almost as much as women do. Winter doesn’t have to keep yours down, if you arm your closet with the right outerwear and your bathroom with the right supplies to keep your facial hair in check.


How To Dress In Layers During The Summer


Dressing in layers will not only improve your style, but it will give you the opportunity to express yourself in a completely different way.  People who dress in layers usually have their own and unique style, which can be easily perceived precisely because of their ability to use layers to their advantage in creating their own style.

027217black1new_rsJust because it is summer, and the days are longer and hotter, that doesn’t mean that you should not dress in layers.  Dressing in layers can be achieved at any part of the year, and this also goes for the summer.

Here are four practical ideas which you can use in order to replenish your style during the summer with the use of layering clothes.

  1. You Don’t Have To Be A Biker In Order To Have A Biker Jacket!

A biker jacket will give you an edgier style, and that is also very useful as a layer which can protect you from cold summer nights.  If you are in a traditional you can go for a black biker jacket, however during the summer days a white denim biker jacket can look really cool and give you an impeccable style and look.

  1. Get A Classic Denim Jacket – Pronto!

A classic, plain, blue denim jacket is a summer must have.  You can throw it across your shoulders, wear it with light summer dresses, skirts, and even stilettoes.  Whatever you have in mind, a classic denim jacket will fit right in.  It also add some flavor to your clothing style.

  1. A Blazer Is An Essential Piece of Clothing – Didn’t You Know?

7-All-Mankind-Classic-Distressed-Denim-Jacket-245Every girl, or a woman, should have a blazer in her wardrobe.  A classic blazer can go with preppy looks, but it can also fit your casual style and give you that je-ne-sais-quoi!  During the summer you can choose a classic black blazer, but you can also go wild and choose floral prints, blazers in pastel colors, or even blazers in solid, bright colors. Let your blazer color your day and your outfit!

  1. A Light Silly/Printed/Casual/Elegant (Or Anything In Between) Scarf

A light summer scarf can give you a different style, and it can also be beneficial in called the hours during the night.  You can toss it across your shoulders, or where it around your neck, whatever pleases you.  Also it is essential, does the scarf has playful patterns and that it really lightens up your entire outfit.  You can choose a scarf which fits your entire outfit, therefore it can be more elegant, for more casual depending on your current outfit.

All in all, just because it is summer that doesn’t mean you cannot play way with patterns and layers and your entire outfit.  Please, remember, fashion is supposed to be fun!  So have fun combining your clothes, layering it, dressing up and dressing down – all depending on the occasion!